Friday, 20 May 2016

Wood and Nail Art

Today we had art rotations and after morning tea our whole class moved to room 1 for wood and nail art.

We got into groups of two's and three's and nailed down nails onto a piece of wood and a stencil of a star. Nailing was the first stage and this picture is when me and Angelica had finish the first stage.
The second stage was picking the wool and making a pattern. Our pattern was designed by me and Angelica and this was the finish product.


  1. Pretty cool Talita. Here at scc we do nothing like that. It's pretty cool that you guys are learning something new, I've learnt about how it's like in collage and how much walking there is to it. Keep up the good work. It's me rima

  2. Hi Talita
    Good work talita, I like your wool and nail art.I like how you nailed it and then put the wool around it.Keep up the great work


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