Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Wisher

WALT: Make the reader interested.

As I tip toed to door which lead to my clothes, sounds of creaks coming from my bedroom floor became louder. My last step was made and I took a key from my pocket, into the lock it went and boom! I was in my dream world. Butterfly formed a circle which lay on my head. There was a strange object lying on the fresh green mowed grass. It almost looked as if it were a book. Thin pages, thick cover and very strange. As I climbed foot by foot, my hairy hand reached the top of the cover. I closed my eyes and when I finally opened them I was in my room resting my head on a fluffed up soft pillow. Never had I ever had a fluffed up soft pillow.

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For some reason I was not having a very nice sleep. A sight in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I turned my head quickly to the window and there it was again. Twice in one night shooting stars shooted passed. “I wish for warm milk and cookies, like in the movies”, I wished. Steps were made at a normal speed walk. “Mum, is that you?” I asked. There was no answer just my mother with a plate of milk and cookies in her hands. She stared at me with a look that meant, I felt like I needed to. The cookies and milk were placed on my bed side table. First I checked the clear glass of white light blue caped milk. It was warm and I picked up the homemade fresh chocolate chip cookies and dipped it into the perfect tempered milk.

Since this wish had just came true I wished, what I thought was going to be the last thing to wish. “I wish for no school tomorrow” I wished. The next minute both of my parents came into my room. “Your younger sister and brother, your two older sisters, your older brother, you, your mother and I”, my dad listed “will be filling our mouths with cold delicious ice-cream tomorrow”. It sounded like I got a bonus wish with the school. Finally I went to sleep and set my alarm for 10 o’clock.

Image result for wishThe ring tone travel through my ears to my brain and it was telling me to get up. I hopped out of bed and walked not rushing to get down to the kitchen. When I reached my destination everyone was rushing in their school uniform rushing to get to school. All my siblings rushed out the door and lined up to get out of the door for school. A kiss from each one of them were transported from one sibling to the next. “There you are”, Mum looked at me with a relieved face. She pushed back upstairs to my room , got me changed like I was a five year old and told me, “sweetie remember you have 10 minutes to get to school”. Dad wasn’t home mum had turned crazy and I had just remembered I have exhausting dancing class after school.

As the school day finished I thought about the wish that I made and how it didn’t work. The day was ok and dancing had started, but I was not there. I made an appearance to the dance class but I only popped in to say that I had something wrong with me and I can’t dance today. When I said I had something wrong with me, I wasn’t lying. My wishes came true!!! I laid on my bed and wished that I would know why the no school wish did not happen. A few seconds later the words popped out of my mouth, “I know why, my wishes last for until the end of that day!”.

Image result for wishIt has been weeks since I had learned how to wish, but I think I have improved on how to wish. I have told a few people but some did not believe me. The secret is out and a knock on the door is made. “Does the wisher really live here?” somebody said as I watch from the very top of the stairs. My mother shut the front door and told me to hide where nobody but her could see me. I hide behind the door she open the front door back open again and there were so many people on her front lawn. She replied to the news man with, “yes, but if you come inside my house I will call the police”. In the front of the big cue was the news and they slam the door against me. I felt woozy and felt like I was going into a spiral of confusion. With all my strength I closed the door and called mum to rush to the hospital. “I wish for me to go to hospital” I wished. We got there in 3 minutes and rushed to Emergency Department.

I laid in the MRI machine looking at all the animals from the zoo. I talked to myself telling me what animals were which. I fainted and didn’t what I was doing except for that one moment. I woke up to my surprise I was in bed with a sandwich and juice by my side. Surrounding my bed was my mother, my great grandpa, my sisters and my father. I was lying with my eyes half open. I close my eyes again and wished for McDonald's for lunch. I opened my eyes and there was nothing, no McDonald's. “Yay!!” I shouted. It gave a big terrified shock to everyone surrounding my hospital bed. “I can’t wish, tell the news that..” I continued,”..I can’t wish anymore!!!!!!”.  My dream since the news and everything had come true.

Just to make it clear, this story is made up by me. I have learnt that made up story's can be long and you can go crazy with it. This post came a bit late because I had a test. This took me a while to write it because it is so long. I am used to writing like I am talking so I made up a story about me wishing.


  1. Hi Talita
    This is a awesome narrative writing.Keep it up talita

  2. Hi Talita
    This is a awesome narrative writing.Keep it up talita


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