Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Probability Reflection

WALT: Calculate the probability of an event happening.

Task: Write a reflection about this weeks maths. 

This week we learnt about probability. I have learnt that probability is actually helpful. It could be helpful when trying to figure out the Weather. Almost everyday you use probability to plan around the weather. Meteorologists don't know what the weather will be. Because of that they use tools and instruments to find out the chance that it will rain, snow or hail. Example; if there's a 70-percent chance of hail, then conditions of the weather are such that 70 out of 100 days with similar conditions, it has hailed. Maybe you'll take a raincoat rather than a singlet or just an umbrella to work/school. I think that my goal this week was to follow the WALT. That's what I have done. I calculating the probability of an event happening. Such as the coin toss (you'll find it in the presentation). An event such as the coin toss was calculated by it's probability.

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