Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Our Makey-Makey Project

WALT: Use the Makey Makey kit.

Makey-makey kit is a toy that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programs. In class we got into groups and made different projects. Our task in our extension class were to get into groups of 4 or lower. Every group had to pick a project that includeed using the makey-makey kit. One choice was a game show. Their goal was to make a noise when a buzzer is pressed. Another choice was a band. Create instruments and play a song. The last choice was to make a game controller. This controller had to be suitable for one sort of disability.

 I was in a group with Moroni and Seini. We made controllers for a game that would be suitable for one disability. Our controllers were made to be suitable for people with amputated arms. This is our game looked like this.
 I was surprised to find out that I actually know quite a bit with the makey-makey kit. This game is a two player version of beat the goalie. It's supposed to be a rugby match between Australia and New Zealand. Even though all three of us worked on this, I think I really helped with the game. Moroni was good with the makey-makey and Seini with making the control. We all learnt something different from each other.

Everyone in our class really enjoyed our game. I enjoyed it to. From a scale of 1 to 10(1 being bad 10 being great) I rate this game a 8. The controls are easy to use but the game could use some more bling.

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