Monday, 11 December 2017

Go Hard with College

Today Mr Andrew Patterson came into our school with a student and an inspirational talk. Two students talked about their experiences with college and also shared some inspirational quotes. A student from Manurewa high school spoke about his experiences (it was a video of his speech given a week). He gave a quote. Which was 'change won't happen if you don't do something yourself'. That was probably my favourite quote from all the quotes that were given. From that I am now going to be the best college student I can be.

Mr Patterson brought with him an ex Pt England student who has moved onto Tamaki College. His name is Raenan. Raenan was asked questions from Mr Patterson. One of the questions were "how did you feel when you walked into Tamaki College for the first time as a year nine student on the first day?". He answered, "I felt nervous but once I saw my mates I felt like I belonged". He went on about how different college is to Pt England and how you need to manage time much better. That scared me a bit because I'm terrible with time. But then he said just go hard. Then I thought I can do it. Now I'm gonna go to college with the thought of 'GO HARD!'.

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