Thursday, 30 March 2017

Solving Fraction Problems

WALT: Order fractions with different denominators.

This week in maths, we learnt about fractions. We learnt how to find out which fraction is larger with different denominators. When I first started I had a bit of trouble finding the right way to solve the questions. Once I had a bit of help, I got the answers straight away. This is our strategy... 
Which fraction is bigger, 6/8 or 3/5. First we multiply the denominators to get the whole number(denominator). Like this:
5 x 8=40
Next we divide the 40 by the denominators by the original denominators. Like this:
40 / 5=8
40 / 8=5
Finally we multiply these numbers by the original numerators. Like this:
8 x 3=24
5 x 6=30
So in the end it should look like this.
30/40 > 24/40.  

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