Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Scratch Game Reflection

WALT: Create a game on Scratch.

This term we have made a game on scratch. Scratch is a website that allows you to create all kind of things with code. In extension we have gotten into groups of two or three and made a shooting/maze game set in space. The game has three levels and lots of challenges. My partners name is Mo. He drew most of the backgrounds, targets and sprites(characters).

The most challenging part of all of this had to be the coding. I learnt a few new tricks from last term. The coding in level three was pretty hard. Trying to get the alien to move. It just wouldn't work! But Finally it worked and heres the finished product.

All of the levels have the own stripes and we had their challenges. On level one the challenge was the background. It just wouldn't listen to our code. But with the magic of other coding blocks put together, we finally got to level two. Our second level is a shooting level. We found it difficult to get the gun to actually shoot. Lucky enough Mo and I watched different tutorials and found out what we needed to do. The last level had the hardest challenge which you know all ready. To get the alien to move!

You can play the game and find out what you think of it. Make sure you look at the instructions (on the right) before playing. Heres the link. Below is a little of what it looks like.
 Background 3
Background 2
Background 3


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  2. Wow, you are getting very clever at coding Talita. This is the skill of the future and you have a headstart. I think coding will be required in most jobs in the future, even jobs that have nothing to do with computers. Are you more interested in the game aspect, or does designing an app have more appeal?

    Mrs Burt


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