Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Term 3 Has Arrived

Task: Write about the immersion assembly.

Term three has arrived. Yesterday we had immersion assembly and all the teams teachers had created really cool items. All the items were based on what their team are learning about this term.

A buzzing noise came from the back of the hall. Everybody looked back to see a drone. Aliens came onto the stage. Two of our teachers bravely stepped in. The teachers had lightsabers. Everyone found it really funny. The aliens were defeated. Our principal came onto the stage. He said, “this term’s topic is… Guardians of the Galaxy.

Team one and two focus is the solar system. They both had creative movies. Team one’s movie was about the teachers going to space. All of their teachers made a song. I found it really smart. The second team (team two) also made a movie. Their movie was actually a music video they created. Teachers were in space and one teacher was singing. All their lyrics were made by them but the music was by David Bowie..

“Next up... team three!’, said our principal. Team three’s introduction started with one of the teachers talking. She asked what day it was today. Then she asked what day was tomorrow. Her last question she went up to one particular boy. The question was,”what day is it in sixteen days”. He shrugged his shoulders. It turned out it was both of the birthdays in sixteen days. The movie started. Day of our lives intro started. After that they showed all their days during the week. Their focus was time.

“Only two more teams to go”, I thought to myself. Team four also had a movie. Their movie was set in the future. All the earth was gone and it was to disgusting to live in. Some teachers decided to go to space for a find of another planet. Every teacher from that team tried but all got blown up. Laughter filled the hall. Their focus was a question. Can humans survive on other planets?

It was time for team five. All the teacher had paper stars stuck to themselves. I don’t know about anyone else but I was laughing. Before the item began, my teacher said the introduction. “Our main focus for this term is, What impact does the moon have on the earth?” she started off. “If you listen the lyrics you might understand a bit more”. They all stood on stage. One teacher from our team started to sing. She sang to her own lyrics but to the song from Moana. I forgot which one though.

Everyone explained what their learning about… but I think that team three was most informative. Their movie showed acted days of their lives. That fits in perfect because their learning about time. I thought that was pretty smart. Overall I am very excited to learn what impact the moon has on earth. Can’t wait for term three to really kick off!

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