Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Speech Competition

You may have seen my speech from a few weeks ago. Well everybody in Year 7 & 8 (at our school) made a speech as well. Three of the best speeches from each literacy classes were chosen and had a little speech off. The three from our classroom were... Yvonne, Seini and Atareita. I think they were awesome. You can read about it here. In every speech, I could feel that everyone was nervous. Sitting there I thought of some things I could include in my speech.
Fifteen speeches were given in front of all year 7 & 8's. My favourite speech had to be the first. Her speech was about a sad personal story.  I nearly cried.

Those speeches have been marked. Now we're waiting for the top five speeches to be announced. Can't wait to see who was the best!

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