Monday, 29 February 2016

The Lost Island (continues)

WALT: (a) Writing that tells a story (Usually fiction).
There they were in the middle of the sea, Sammy and Thomas. Getting ready to go to the lost island. The only way they could get there was in their big invisible boat. It was the size of a cruise. Sammy had been there before but he wanted to take Thomas.
They brought canoes to canoe there. When they got there they were surprised about the earthquake that hit them. Sammy didn’t know about this but they help the people there. Stored in their big ship, they gave food and water to the people and slept the night.

The first earthquake didn’t hurt anyone, but this second did not just hurt somebody but killed. It killed Thomas and everyone was in for a big nasty shock in the morning… Thomas died!
Sammy did not know a lot about the island just that it was safe but he was wrong. Thomas was getting worse. His hair was gray instead of blonde, he lost weight, he was smaller lights pole on the street. Sammy twenty third birthday was coming up and he didn’t want to have a birthday without his best friend. It was kinda cheesy but I guess that’s Sammy.
The people on the island kept disappearing into the bushes and Sammy was worried. One time when they went to the bushed, Sammy followed them and they were having a meeting. He listen but he couldn’t really hear them it was like they were speaking another language. To hear them clear, he moved forward just a bit and he was right the first time that they were speaking another language.
This changed everything, he wondered if they killed Thomas and blamed it on the earthquake. But why, they had nothing against Thomas. After wondering this they put potion into a weird big bowl and said some weird words. They put poured the magic potion into a tube and wrote on the tube, ‘Thomas’. Sammy did not know if the magic potion was made to heal Thomas or to, make him disappear.

Another night was coming and Sammy was keeping a close eye on Thomas. The Island people poured the potion into Thomas’ mouth and he started to blink. Everyone disappear like they teleported, everyone except for Sammy and Thomas. Sammy released that the people on the island had something special about them. Both of the boys got off the boat and their in the air was all people that lived on the island. They were fairies and that's why they did not get hurt in the natural disasters.

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