Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Diggity - Week 5

WALT: (a) Predicting - I make, confirm and refine predictions before, during and after reading. (b) Summarising - I draw conclusions, and make generalisations.


Puppy, Dog, Golden Retriever, Pet, Purebred Dog

1. Frolicked
Definition:(of an animal or person) Play and move about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically. Example: Diggity frolicked and went crazy everywhere.
2. Thunderous-
Definition: Very powerful or intense. Example: A thunderous fist came smashing right past his face.
3. Arthritic-
Definition: Somebody who suffers from arthritis. Example: He suffers from his arthritic hips.
4. Tortured-

Definition: Inflect of pain. Example: Escaped the tortured lives of celebrities

Our task this week in reading, was to choose 4 words that are new to us. We had to make a recording and post it on our blog. I added more by adding an example of using that word and the definition. I have learnt these words from the story or the reading presentation, Diggity. Some of the examples are not from the presentation or the book.

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  1. Hi Talita
    I really like the way you used a voice to explain your blurb that you done. Well done. What did you like about your post? Did you enjoy doing this?.
    Well Done. From Evelyn


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